21. Dezember 2010


Bonobo concert last night was super awesome!

4. Dezember 2010

Psalm One im HausIII&70

Last night i went to the Psalm One gig at Haus III&70.
Took some pictures and had a little chat with her and i can tell you that woman has power!
Great show and a really nice person.
Back up by Projekt Gummizelle from Cologne.

Projekt Gummizelle. Too bad one of them couldn't show up.from left: Alex, Cristalle, Marek, Benjamin, the cardboard guy is Rac, don't know the guy with the hat,
KGEE and Jan aka DJ Belli Bel.
Light conditions were pretty bad and since i didn't want to use the flash all the time, picture quality ain't the best.